Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Working with a Startup.

Who'd have thought this time last year that I would now be working in Manchester for a Startup company? Not only that, but be their first employee. There's three of them, 'the guys' I like to call them. All co-founders of DueCourse (an invoicing tool - just incase you was wondering). Last year I was working at a Fruit & Veg shop... I had been for 2 years towards the end of uni. I loved it (purely for the gossip) but I knew it wasn't leading me into my dream career nor was it paying me well.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Welcome to Glossybox: February 2015

I've been wanting to sign up to something like this for sooo long. Mainly because I love gifts that come in beautifully designed boxes (hey, tiffany!) and with not one but a bunch of miniature surprises just for me, how could I not? However, there is so much choice out there offering similar kinds of products that I wasn't confident enough before about which one to choose.

Glossybox has caught my eye on several occasions & I knew after a little research it was the box for me. Excitingly, my first box was a Valentine's special. When this box arrived I was super excited (think little kid at Christmas after Santa has been). I love boxes at the best of times (my house is full of them - "memory boxes" I like to call them, "full of junk" boxes do others).