Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Welcome to Glossybox: February 2015

I've been wanting to sign up to something like this for sooo long. Mainly because I love gifts that come in beautifully designed boxes (hey, tiffany!) and with not one but a bunch of miniature surprises just for me, how could I not? However, there is so much choice out there offering similar kinds of products that I wasn't confident enough before about which one to choose.

Glossybox has caught my eye on several occasions & I knew after a little research it was the box for me. Excitingly, my first box was a Valentine's special. When this box arrived I was super excited (think little kid at Christmas after Santa has been). I love boxes at the best of times (my house is full of them - "memory boxes" I like to call them, "full of junk" boxes do others).

The presentation, as you can see, is on point. The design is fabulous and the attention to detail only confirmed I had made the right choice... baring in mind I haven't even seen what goodies are inside yet!

It's amazing what a piece of ribbon, a sticker and some tissue paper can do!

The box also comes with some detailed cards with descriptions of each product, how to use them and where to buy them from. As well as a few special offers on some of the products for if you wanted to buy them again.

First up was So Susan: Rose Quartlet - Lip and Cheek Cream. The main flaw in this product is the lack of a mirror. It irritated me so much because there is an ideal space for it! However, the colours do look good on, albeit they don't last for long so need to keep re-applying. Unfortunately, due to the lack of product I have nearly ran out already.

Next up, Marsk: Mineral eyeshadow. I loved this colour but when I took a look at their website I loved their other colours more. This ones more of a going-out colour to add a little sparkle to what I normally wear. However, I think I'll be buying the Seaspray shade next.

Because I have sensitive skin, I am always hesitant about razors but I can't sing Wilkinson Sword: Hydro Silk's praises enough. Close shave that with a little moisturiser leaves my skin silky smooth.

Come at me Summer... I'm ready for ya!

Now for the
Royal Apothic: Coral Tintie, oh how I love this shade. Never in a million years would I have picked this colour, simply because I always go for Mac's Sheen Supreme lipstick in Asian Flower. Yet, this colour is perfect and I think would suit pretty much anyone. I take it everywhere with me now because it just looks so adorable in my bag. The glass tub works so well with the lid. Definitely will be purchasing again!

Last but not least, was the B. Defined Brow Kit. As an exclusive Superdrug brand, I wasn't expecting much but I was quite impressed. Admittedly, I wasn't entirely sure how to use this product in the best way at first. So I went to my good old friend youtube and found this short video on how to use it the right way.

Have you subscribed to Glossybox? What do you think of their products?

Maybe you have subscribed to another box, which one?

Your Potential Confidant xxo


  1. Do they do a glossy box in the U.S. too?

    1. Hey Channing! Glossybox sure do: http://www.glossybox.com/subscribe/
      What do you think? xxo

  2. Oh mercy! I haven't subscribed to them...yet!