Sunday, 19 April 2015

Holiday Must Haves [Part 1]

Or should I say my holiday must haves. The time is near when the sun starts peeping out from behind the clouds and the countdown to our summer getaway really begins.

I'm jetting off to Rome this year with my boyfriend Darren and best friend Brad. But amidst all the excitement (Me & Brad have been planning all the must have places we NEED to visit) I thought I would put together a list of all the things I NEED to take on holiday this year.

Below are a list of things I have actually already bought because I just couldn't help myself.

The Floppy Hat.

I am completely obsessed with hats. I love them. And all my friends say 'don't be so ridiculous' every time I run over to try a hat on then I twirl around saying 'doesn't it suit me? I need to buy this now!' (before they have time to disagree). Having a hat on holiday is always a good idea - mostly because the sun shines to bright (I know, how awful) and this is a great blocking tool. And I have been known to get sunburnt really bad before and this helps just a tad.

But if I'm being honest, hats like this just look super cute teamed with an equally adorable outfit, so how could I not pack one?

The Shades.

I am in love with these sunglasses! Darren is not so convinced they suit me, but I really don't care.
I love them so much. They have a John Lennon vibe and I'm rolling with it. But seriously though you need to get some.

I really like the hexagon shape too, adds an edge to the rounded ones that where seen on everyone last year.

P.s yes I have the tag still on them in this photo, but I had just bought them and couldn't wait to take a snap :)

The Bag.

When I was younger my bedroom was covered in bags. Any pocket money I got would result in me buying a new bag for my collection. Now, it seems I don't buy half as much, only when I really have to (getting older and saving for a house is realllllly depressing at times).

However, I needed a new bag for Rome and I found this little beauty in Warehouse. It was in the sale so technically I am still 'saving' (yawn)!

This bag is plain so it will go with loads of outfit choices and the added punch of orange really gives it a summery feel. It's just about big enough for a beach towel, some sun-cream & my purse -  winner!

The Sandals.

I love a good pair of sandals. This year I've gone for a but of sparkle and jelly! I missed out on the whole jelly faze last year when I was over in Berlin so it is only fair I get to wear them all summer this year.

I opted for a dark grey colour so they would go with more of my outfit choices than not. The added sparkle on the strap really adds some jazz to what would have otherwise been a boring shoe choice.

FYI the pink varnish can be found in last months glossybox, take a look!

The Blazer.

You know how it goes. It's lovely and sunny during the day. In fact it is too hot when you wandering around all day visiting the sites. Then come night time when you are off to find somewhere fancy to eat and a cool bar to drink in you are suddenly freezing. Yet, because you're abroad you feel like its not a place to complain or get your coat out! This is where the blazer comes in, looks cute with your outfits and the light material means it keeps the cool breeze off you without the need of your duffle coat.

Check out next month for part 2 of my holiday must haves.
What are yours? Share your thoughts below!


  1. ROME!!! I am so jealous! I hope you have a great time! I've always wanted to visit Italy. That floppy hat is perfect. :)

  2. Love the bag and shoes! I am all about the big bag. My kids are old enough that I don't need a diaper bag. But I still need to pack snacks, hats, and other "stuff" for them. Me having a big purse makes that all possible.

  3. AH! I am so jealous of you. And our style couldn't be similar. I am a sucker for floppy hats & oversized shades. :) I love your sandals, as well! Have a great time in Italy, doll!

  4. Love love love those shades!! And I need a good floppy hat. :)

  5. LOVE all of it! :) great picks- thanks for sharing and enjoy!

  6. so jealous you're going off to Rome. I've always wanted to go to Italy. Love the shades and bag.

  7. I love that blazer! Normally I'm not huge on prints/patterns but that is just so pretty! Enjoy your trip... =)

  8. I'm so jealous you're going off to Rome! I'd love to do that. The floppy hat is wonderful! I need to get one of those.

  9. Nice list of must-haves! I really love the sandals!

  10. I'm so jealous of your holiday.

    The list is great. A big bag is always on top of my list when I go on holidays.

  11. That bag is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!

  12. Great pics! Love the shades:)

  13. Great picks :) That blazer is surely a statement. Have fun in Rome!