Saturday, 23 May 2015

Unbox the Gloss: April 2015

Last month saw the Iconic Hollywood Edition box.

There was a beautiful collection of colours that could have arrived including, mint green, sky blue and lemon yellow.

I, as you can see, received the blush pink which looks really fabulous and happens to go with a lot of interior accessories I already own - bonus.

And of course the lovely Marilyn Monroe adorns the lid...  

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

Couldn't have said it better myself Elizabeth Taylor.        

Notice the Hollywood theme?                                                                                                                        

First up we have Astral. Which is ideally for mature and changing skin so at 22 I wouldn't say that I fit in that category just yet.

However, I did find that it helped my skin stay nourished but no more than my usual moisturisers.

Also, the thick texture really didn't do it for me. It's definitely something that I won't be buying again any time soon.

Do you use this cream? I'd love to know how effective you find it? Or not?

I would never have chosen this colour myself simply because it is quite plain and I like a bit of colour. And yet I really loved the finish look of Colour Club's Barely There polish.

I found the neutral tone really fresh and blended well with my everyday work outfits.

Colours such as reds and purples can make such a bold statement when subtlety is key.

I have to say this was a pleasant surprise in my box this month. I always take showers and make excuses not to take a nice long soak.

"I don't have time" "It takes too long" "I'm not messing about, I have things to get done."

So I made time. And it was easier than I thought. In fact, the Nougat London's Soothing Bath Pearls definitely helped me relax, so much so I grabbed an early night too.


I needed a new eyeliner so I was happy about receiving the POP - Kajal Eyeliner Pen.

It applies well, though slightly thicker than my normal liner, but I liked it.

It lasted all day which I rarely find when trying new eyeliners. Que smudge panda eyes, so I hate buying different brands.

Pleasant surprise & one that I would recommended. Especially as this has a smudger on the other side to perfect the smoky eye look - what more could you want?

I saved the best till last, the Matte Lord & Berry Lipstick. Buy it. Now.

The colour, the look, the finish - all perfection.

There is nothing else to say - except that the £10.00 price tag is an absolute bargain, so buy two. Three. All of the 10 colours.

You deserve it.

P.s don't forget to buy your Lord & Berry sharpener

Did you subscribe to glossybox this month? What did you think? xxo

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