Saturday, 14 February 2015

first viewing

This time last year me & my boyfriend moved in together. Yesterday, we went to view a house. A house that we could potentially buy. Our own house. One that we could really call home. It was super exciting. Not least of all because I absolutely loved it. Like, seriously.

I have been searching for houses probably everyday for the last six months, I have found a few that I have liked but not loved one enough to go book a viewing. It was actually my boyfriend that found this one. It's super annoying because he spent about 10 minutes one morning and found a beauty, I spend six months searching and find zilch. Even more annoying was that he found my beautiful flat I lived in before we moved in together - again a place which I loved.

Neither can deny how perfect this house is for us: A 3 bedroom cottage. Big and not over-looked garden. Huge master bedroom with wooden floors (exactly what I drew in my bedroom sketches). A small but modern/traditional style kitchen (someone, somewhere has definitely being looking at my 'Home Designs' notebook). And a 30 minute drive to work.

The down side being, my boyfriend is tall. In this house, he becomes a giant. The dining room & kitchen have low beams and the doors are perfect fit for my tiny self to jump through. He, however, has to duck. No matter. He loves this stunning place (almost) as much as I did. The living room is big, which is good because I have a fabulous 3-piece sofa, a snuggle chair & the biggest footstool I could possible find, with plans to buy another chair to match. It also has this amazing stove fireplace (again my designs would show you this is my ideal dream). I think I may have screamed a little in excitement because it is so beautiful. Another part I love is the large deep windowsills which just look so divine. I have already imagined filling them with photographs, candles, vases, flowers and pictured how beautiful my already owned curtains would look framing them. I may have spent hours on Pinterest looking at designs.

However, I am very aware this is our very first house viewing. I know not to put all my eggs in one basket. All I can say is that I loved it & my boyfriend loved it. Which so far is a good thing. Next I want to view the house with my best friend. His approval is necessary. A 19 year friendship really counts for something. He will tell me his honest opinion, though I am very aware he isn't happy about me wanting to move away at all. The property is just outside of Manchester, we currently live in Preston. So he may just sabotage the whole thing...

What was your first viewing experience?

Did you fall in love with the property? Or could you not wait to get out of the place?

Maybe you bought the house and live there now?

I would love to hear your stories, love Potential Confidant xxo Potential Confidant

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  1. I was moving to different properties several times. I a;ways fell for specific layout. It's 2nd home that is nearly identical positioned. I think I just like it.. and thinking of that.., these perfect match my home where I grow up.. the living room is where was my previous.. and the main bedroom match where my room was... bathroom/kitchen that usually is positioned differently so the entrance etc. but the rest is same.. weird?