Monday, 9 February 2015

love, love me do

Happy Valentines!

It's the most romantic time of year again when all the couples get to gloat and all the singletons are free to moan. Whether single or in a relationship, I have always loved Valentines Day. It's the one dramatic day of the year where going over the top to show someone you care is encouraged. Whether my best friend or boyfriend, I always like to show someone how much they mean to me. I also admit to getting over excited when receiving a fancy card or little gift myself (I hope this is what I asked for!?).

I think a lot of people forget in the mist of all that glitters pink & red, that good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together. I see a lot of people worry too much about their relationship status instead of enjoying their life. You might meet the love of your life tomorrow. But if you are sat crying in the corner all depressed at your friends party he isn't going to be blown away by your beauty or bubbly personality is he? Clue: No. He. Is. Not.

Spend the day with the people who make you happy. And if this just so happens to be your cat, so be it. Your cat deserves your undivided attention for just one day too. But seriously though, it is just one day, quit with all the depressing posts & get over yourself (I say this with love).

For the rest of you, go buy your other half a gift, book a romantic getaway or find tickets to see their fave band. Why not make your best friend a collage of all your beaut pics together or better yet, give them a call. Suddenly I have hit 22 and realised how little time I have & how busy me and my friends are (when did life get so serious?). A phone call can really make a difference so "pick up the phone & start dialing."

What are your plans for February 14th?

And seen as though it's valentines, Leo decided to make a cheeky appearance...

You're welcome, Potential Confidant xxo

P.S I am part of one of the couples that gloat.

Potential Confidant

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